LETTER: Toilets - you pay for them, they should be open

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A Worksop councillor reported in the Guardian that a public toilet was around 300 metres from where a child wet themselves.

As a parent/grandparent and lifelong resident in Bassetlaw, I find the situation with public toilets to be unacceptable.

I can remember at least having five toilet blocks around Worksop, perhaps older residents can remember more.

It hardly befits a town of the size of Worksop to be reduced to one public

toilet with very limited facilities. Retford, with half the population of Worksop, has two within around 300 metres of each other and both are well equipped and paid for by ALL residents of Bassetlaw.

The toilet blocks at the Priory Centre and the one on Victoria Square were closed for anti-social behaviour, which should have been dealt with by the police and council instead of closing them.

They could easily be brought back into use.

It would certainly add some weight to the argument that Bassetlaw councillors and the owner of the Priory Centre are trying to attract new businesses to Worksop.

At present they cannot even maintain a toilet or the dignity of children and the elderly.

All I can suggest is until we have a council that is bothered about the public they allegedly serve, is that we the council-tax paying residents demand that all public buildings, library, council offices and the bus station have their toilet blocks open and free of charge to the public, after all you paid for and continue to pay for them.

Alec Thorpe

Address supplied.