LETTER: Thieves and killers manipulate the law

A reply to Steven Lee's letter (read here) '˜What more do you need on CV of terror?' In three words: human rights laws. The thieves, crooks, murderers and terrorists of this world thrive on these three words and know how to manipulate it to the full and just within the law.

To the hard-working and lawful people of this country we would never use human rights laws.

So I feel they are designed for the above groups of people. 
You could also add a few more to the list as well.

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Blaming the government for everything that occurs can’t be right.

Have they and the security forces, including the police, got crystal balls?

We don’t and probably never will know the full details due to security reasons and perhaps shouldn’t criticise not knowing the full facts.

I can remember the 30 years of the IRA and their atrocities killing and maiming thousands here and in Northern Ireland and not once were the governments at the time or the security forces criticised, other than the SAS or soldiers shooting the IRA terrorists before they returned fire.

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If that happened in this day and age they would have to ask the terrorist to shoot at them first.

It’s only about 20 years ago when the IRA killed, maimed and bombed Northern Ireland and England and make ISIS look like amateurs. 
Plus they also supported other terror groups throughout the world.

One other point. Because terrorism is in their backyard now in France, Belgium, Germany etc. we lower our flags to half mast because of atrocities over there, but I cannot remember this being reciprocated when we had 30 years of being blown to bits by the terrorists from over the water. 
Perhaps it’s a case of as long as its not in my backyard.

A Keeton

By email