LETTER: School Uniform - children will soon be arguing other rules

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This newspaper and national ones fill column space with pictures of outraged parents showing infringements of uniform policy they sent their child to school with and their studied opinion as to secondary school management techniques.

However, the way classrooms and corridors work is that if one child is allowed a little colour on his shoes, the next week a different child has a little more.

Within a month other children attend with “partly black” shoes.

Pretty soon, students are arguing about whether other school rules are too strict, with parents ever ready to call the local paper.

The evidence we have to compare the effectiveness of such methods is the astonishing improvement in grades in the two Worksop schools over the last eight years.

If parents would like to try the same technique of creating a boundary and sticking to it, they may find similarly impressive results at home!

Matthew Peck

Westgate, Worksop

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