LETTER: Road repairs - Are we getting value for money?

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I feel as though I have to write and hold the Nottinghamshire highways department to account for the recent pothole repairs carried out in the last few weeks.

I have to say the standard of the work carried out is what can only be described as atrocious in my opinion.

I feel I have the credentials to comment on this work as I have been in road construction and repairs for 35 years. I am qualified in all types of asphalt and Tarmac products, and the use of.

To mend or re-instate a pothole or patch, first the offending hole has to be trimmed to create square edges.

It has to be swept clean and then sprayed or brushed with bitumen (tack coat), then the chosen material has to be put in the hole uniformly and compacted properly, not one pass with a wacker plate, or in some cases left for car wheels to compress it.

A properly reinstated pot hole will and should last several years, sometimes up to ten years can be achieved depending where it lies in the road. The work that has been carried out in Langold has not been laid to any standard and in most cases they will not last until Christmas in my view.

This is a false economy, the road users and taxpayers are being fobbed off, a quick fix to say the least.

If the company I work for was contracted to do this work it would have to be done properly, and to an agreed standard, otherwise the council would terminate the contract, and we would be kicked off the job.

I cannot believe the highways inspectors, and clerks of work have passed, or sanctioned this work.

Something is amiss, we pay good money to our highways department and their workers to make sure that the ratepayers get value for their money.

I would also like to say that the white lining in the village has deteriorated so bad as to be virtually useless, and dangerous in some areas, particularly the roundabout at the top of Wembley Road.

Would it be too much to ask to have these roundabouts and junctions re-marked at least to the Department of Transport standard, it would give the motorists a lot more confidence at these junctions, and would make them a whole lot safer.

John Layden

Markham Road, Langold