LETTER: Road problems all around Worksop

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Worksop is certainly a strange animal, when it comes to roads that is.

Although the gateway to the Dukeries lies well and truly in the county of Nottinghamshire, just a mile or two outside of the town centre and you run into the neighbouring counties of both Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

When it comes to the safe and efficient upkeep of major roads and pavements and very few cycle lanes, the area is certainly devoid of any competent and co-ordinated management in my view, that’s for sure.

Take the main A57 from Sheffield into Worksop as a prime example. It is a main route from not only junction 31 of the M1 motorway, but also the main route to the east coast.

Why then is the condition of the A57 in such an appalling state?

Especially for the mile or so past the Lindrick golf course. It resembles a country lane, no drains, no kerbs. A horrendously dangerous, broken and worn out road surface to boot.

Once into Bassetlaw and the A57, past Fox Covert and at the beginning of the Worksop bypass. Overgrown vegetation, unswept kerb edges. This is where a tight junction from Woodsetts enters such a busy road and roundabout. Just who is responsible for competent management of these roads, I ask?

Once out of Worksop, heading south towards Mansfield, there is a mile length of the A60 that passes through the Bolsover district, or Derbyshire. Why are all 50 or more drainage points silted and blocked up completely?

Once there was efficient drainage, with a ditch no less at the side of the road.

Many country lanes have far better drainage systems or are maintained more regularly and efficiently than at present on this section of road. Vehicles are becoming larger and faster, and roads are becoming busier and more congested.

Why then, are the authorities totally oblivious to their responsibilities I ask? After all, health and safety and risk assessment is all they want to preach to us about.

Geoff Evans

East Avenue, Stanfree