LETTER: Plan for a safer Nottinghamshire


With the Police and Crime Commissioner election coming up in May, I wanted to let local residents know about my four point plan to create a safer Nottinghamshire.

An improved system of neighbourhood policing is the first part of the plan by hiring more special constables and keeping officers in their patch so they are close to their community.

I will protect and enhance frontline response policing by making more use of other emergency service and public sector buildings as operating bases for these officers.

Reducing the fear of crime is the third part of my plan, so to make residents feel safe, and I will accomplish this by an improved structure of support to victims of crime.

I will also make more efficient use of policing resources by cutting back room costs like the six figure bill for interpreting foreign languages, so to invest in essential frontline services.

You can find out more about the four points by visiting my website www.tonyharper.org.uk and after you have had a read please feel free to get in touch with your thoughts.

Tony Harper

Conservative candidate for Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner