LETTER: Parking - pavements are for people, not cars

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Whilst we had the icy weather, I was forced to walk on the road because a large vehicle was parked full width on the pavement, very close to a bend, and other cars were taking up at least two thirds of the pavement.

Two other cars came by me, one of which was a police car. I flagged it down, they told me they could not stay due to going to another case. I gave them my address details and that was the end of that.

When I arrived home, I phoned the police station, all they asked was is the vehicle still there and to phone the council.

I phoned our local council which told me the responsibility for that lies with Notts County Council and I should contact that authority.

I was told that something will be done about it and someone would come within ten days. No-one came even though vehicles are parked directly on bends or close to them, even now.

I want to know why we have so many people in our towns and county who are supposed to be top officials when dangerous matters like this are ignored?

The police would soon be on the scene if only one vehicle was parked on double yellow lines and the driver would be fined, even though many of the areas don’t affect pedestrians, yet vehicles on pavements are ignored.

Just where is the sense in that when it could be twice as dangerous, especially in the wintry weather?

A driver who is parked on the pavement ought to be fined, and if they do it regularly or take the full length of pedestrian areas, they ought to be banned.

What is the most important, a vehicle which can be replaced or someone’s life which can’t? That life could easily be one of those motorists, especially if they can walk to their destination, even though it may be only a few yards from where they are.

Kate Allsop

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