LETTER: Old Library - spend cash to repair art deco treasure

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I write to express my concern about the condition of the windows in the old library.

This building is one of the few, very few buildings of architectural merit in our town. Together with the station and the Priory, it is about all that we have in my view.

Although the roof received attention before the building was handed over to charity, the steel windows did not, and these were already in a poor state due to lack of maintenance.

Regular painting over the years would have preserved them, but now, in many cases, they need total replacement. Since this is a listed building, like-for-like replacement is appropriate.

Given that the surrounding park is beautifully maintained and a credit to the town, the building which it surrounds with its boarded up windows is no credit at all.

Come on Bassetlaw (or county) please spend our money to restore this art deco treasure to its proper condition before it decays even further.

The windows are an essential starting point.

I note that £2.3million is now available, very timely.

Peter Hulme

Teague Place, Worksop