LETTER: Millhouse Roundabout - It’s a real pleasure going into town now

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As a resident of the St Anne’s estate, I write to congratulate all those responsible for the improvements made to the Millhouse roundabout.

It is now five months since the new layout and, to my mind, it has made travelling in and out of town a real pleasure.

Getting out of the estate is now so much easier with hardly any waiting time.

But it is the return journey up Newcastle Avenue out of town that has really been transformed.

Gone are the long queues stretching back 100 yards or more. Now one is able to move quickly up the avenue and around the roundabout.

It is great to see such highways investment in the town.

I would like to thank all those responsible for the junction improvements especially county councillor Kevin Greaves who worked very hard to get the money to finance in the first place the scheme and for seeing it through to its ultimate success.

David Pidwell

St Anne’s View, Worksop