LETTER: It’s drivers who are dangerous, not roads

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In his column, John Mann states that he is concerned about the dangerous state of the A1 in this area after several accidents, including one fatal one in March.

I used to travel between Blyth and Tuxford five days a week but not so often now and I can’t see anywhere that is dangerous, particularly now the Elkesley junction has been upgraded.

What I do see is many examples of abysmal driving, which have resulted in near misses or accidents. I feel drivers do not look in advance what is happening in front of them which often causes sudden braking or lane changing. I would suggest the highest risk junction is the Gamston/Ollerton junction, north bound slip road, which is very short and on a bend, but if you are on the A1, driving north and you see a vehicle wanting to join the A1, just check your mirrors and if clear pull into the outside lane. If that isn’t possible and it is safe to do so just ease off a little, no heavy braking and it is possible give room for the vehicle to enter the A1. If the traffic is solid the vehicle will just have to wait for a gap before joining the A1.

That particular section is still a 50mph speed limit so drivers, if they are concentrating, should have plenty of time, while approaching the junction, to assess the situation and react accordingly. Unfortunately, because modern vehicles are fitted with all the safety device, such as anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control, airbags, side impact bars etc, drivers seem to think they are invincible and totally cocooned if they are involved in an accident. They aren’t.

A vehicle is a lethal weapon and needs to be handled correctly, drivers need to concentrate. I do not consider myself to be a perfect driver at all but my trips up and down the A1 between Blyth and Tuxford were done driving either a double decker bus or a coach and because of their elevated driving position you have a better view than in a car and some of the antics I have seen, by drivers of various types of vehicle, are frightening. So please, concentrate when you are driving, there are no dangerous roads, it is the people using them that cause the potentially catastrophic situations.

Tony Clayton

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