LETTER: is fracking company '˜running scared'?

I say Ineos, the petrochemical giant,is running scared.

Why else would it want to spend many thousands on putting eight pages of what is, in my view, pro-fracking propaganda in East Midlands newspapers?

It is even more space than for car advertising.

Ask yourself “what is it trying to sell me?”

In my view it is all disguised as if it is good for the country — not that it is for the good of the company making huge profits out of attempts to explode shale rock.

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To make that pay, Ineos must drill hundreds of wells in this area.

We don’t want that.

If Ineos had a good case, there would not be more than 80 per cent of local people objecting to proposals for the company to frack in north Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

I believe the boss of Ineos thinks that shouting loudly in paid-for print proves facts. It doesn’t.

I can’t answer in an un-paid-for space every assertion the company has made.

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Let me give you, however, one example. It is an important one — safety.

Ineos states that it “has a very good safety record within the chemical industry”.

That does not seem to fit with its record which includes a series of health and safety breaches.

This can be verified by HSE and court records

And lastly, what does it want the gas for? Your gas fire or cooker doesn’t concern the company in my view.

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It wants the shale gas to convert into ethylene, for making all sorts of plastics up at Grangemouth.

Unless it is biodegradable, plastics are poisonous for fish and marine animals and is now even getting into the air we breathe.

David Larder

Chairman, Bassetlaw Against Fracking.