LETTER: Horse riders - please adhere to the Highway Code

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As a resident of Carlton in Lindrick, I have always been proud of my village.

That’s why I have been disappointed to witness horse foul on our pavements.

There have been two incidents in the past month. The first in front of Ramsden School and another on Long Lane.

While there are some considerate riders, I feel very disappointed in the minority whom do not adhere to the Highway Code.

Rule 54 of the Highway Code clearly states you must not take a horse onto a footpath or pavement.

Only the other week I witnessed a lady riding her horse on the pavement along High Road, her friend was riding on a bike next to her. I have also witnessed children riding without a helmet. When riding on the public highway, it is illegal for a child under 14 to ride without the appropriate head protection.

I wish to appeal to those riders to please be more considerate.

Our children have to go to school along that stretch of pavement. It also makes a difficult journey for pushchairs and wheelchairs. When I pass you in my car, I adhere to the message on your ‘polite notice’ jackets. Please take consideration to this polite notice.

Concerned resident

Carlton in Lindrick