LETTER: help needed to trace direct descendants of James Welch

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I am hoping you may be able to help me trace direct descendants of James Welch, born in Stratfield Saye, who was awarded a Victoria Cross in World War One, on April 29 2017.

You may be aware of a Government initiative that presents paving plaques to parish council to commemorate someone born in their parish being awarded the VC in WW1.

My very small parish has one such person a Mr James Welch and we are having a commemorative service on the date it was awarded April 29 2017 and are desperately trying to find some direct descendants.

After the war he moved to Sheffield where all his children were born (Eccleshall) before retiring in 1960 to Bournemouth where he died in 1976.

In researching what we can find we have found several names which may be relatives in areas Sheffield Hackenthorpe; Beighton; Holbrook; Owlthorpe and Mosborough - where they could be living now (obviously either grandchildren or great grandchildren).

The names we have found are – Welch (obviously); Straw and Holt re: marriage.

If you can help it would be much appreciated. I can be contacted on: 01189332379.

Penny Mayo

Parish Clerk

Stratfield Saye Parish Council