LETTER: Good move for Skegby post office

I feel I must have my say about this long, drawn out drama regarding the move of Skegby post office.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 4th September 2016, 12:30 pm

Firstly, when all this first started, the Jet garage was owned by Brobot Petroleum.

Earlier this year, the garage, and all Brobot garages were sold to HKS, which has said it will still be going for the post office.

I personally think it will be a good move, but, as always the council, in my view, puts obstacles in the way. It has not helped in any way, I feel,

The company has said it would provide extra parking where the jet wash is.

I have never known any planning application take this long, just for the council to be quite negative.

As I have previously said, having the post office in the garage, would be a very good move not just for local residents but for the employees who work at the garage.

But, sadly, if that doesn’t happen, Skegby will probably be without a much-needed amenity.

A position I, and I’m sure everyone in the area wouldn’t want to see.

So come on Ashfield District Council, let’s have the post office in a thriving local garage, with longer hours as well.

Mike Percival

By email