LETTER: Geoff Coe - let's honour a man who gave so much to Worksop

I was very sorry to read in the Guardian of the passing of Worksop resident and stalwart, Geoff Coe.

Friday, 10th February 2017, 9:39 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 11:45 am

Geoff was a resident of Worksop all his life working in the mining industry since he was a boy until his retirement.

In his retirement he became interested in local affairs, and in the running of the local district council. He was elected onto Bassetlaw District Council. As an Independent, he was truly independent, all he fought for was the best for all the voters in the ward he represented.

Over the past years, but not recently as Geoff’s health has been declining, he was an avid contributor to the letters’ page in the Guardian, arguing his point on many subjects that affected the residents of Worksop.

He wrote all his letters in long hand with a dictionary on the table by his side because he was the first to admit that he was not the best at spelling. He didn’t have a tablet or a spell checker.

I have seen some of his efforts, he used to show them to myself before taking them to the Guardian office. Was he right? No, not all the time, but he was always ready with the apologies when proved wrong.

I myself sat as a member as an Independent alongside Geoff on Bassetlaw DC, the Conservative Party was in control of the council at that time. Geoff came up with the idea that the Canch play park needed updating, which was at that time in dire need of refurbishing. He took his idea to the then Conservative cabinet, he argued and cajoled and fought his corner and didn’t stop until the idea was accepted.

Now the go ahead had been given to refurbish the park, Geoff had not finished as the idea was to update the padding pool, instead his idea was to change the old unhygienic paddling pool to a pop up fountain area. It was accepted and has proved very popular by the youngsters and families that enjoy it.

I know that he wanted the car park across the road to be made free parking and a pedestrian crossing be installed for the young family members using the new park, this did not happen.

Now that Geoff is no longer with us, wouldn’t it be a good idea if Bassetlaw DC was to recognise Geoff’s contribution and efforts so the youngsters of Worksop have somewhere to go and enjoy themselves?

What about a sign in his honour in the park Bassetlaw DC? Nothing elaborate or costing a lot of money, Geoff would not have wanted that.

Let’s hope that Geoff’s pop up fountains keep popping up for years to come.

From a friend and former colleague.

Ivor Jones