LETTER: Fracking - Some prefer hope over despair

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I hesitate to reply to A. Keeton (Letters, September 8) as his latest letter, in common with previous ones, in my view is largely a string of insults to the anti-fracking movement and people who oppose this process.

Far from being a few ill-informed, excitable people, as I feel he suggests, the anti-fracking movement now includes the governments of Ireland, France, Bulgaria, Germany and Scotland — which all have bans or moratoria — and numerous individual state/regional governments in the US, Canada and Australia.

As far as the rest of his statements are concerned – hydraulic fracturing for commercial production of shale gas – the process the movement is chiefly opposing in the UK at the moment has not been going on in the UK for “60 years”.

It has only been tried once in the UK, by Cuadrilla in the North West in 2011.

Where fracking has been going on overseas there is much evidence to suggest it is not something that should be considered in the densely populated UK, particularly in Nottinghamshire where we get our drinking water from the major aquifer the industry wants to multiple puncture.

There are numerous reports and studies including the Medact report, CHEM Trust report, York University study, plus a whole swathe from the US and elsewhere on water contamination risks.

It is interesting he expresses support for Simon White’s previous letter.

I did not write in response to that letter, because it was so self-evidently defeatist and gloomy in my opinion.

Basically, Simon appeared to be saying there are now so many threats to our life, health and environment that we are doomed and opposing fracking is not worthwhile, because all is probably lost anyway.

That A Keeton agrees with this speaks volumes in my view — in my opinion it is what the fracking industry comes down to in the end, thinking the world is going to hell in a handcart, climate change is unstoppable and we are all stuffed, so let’s make short-term profit for a few rich men, so they can live their last few years in luxury before everything goes to hell.

No thanks Mr White and Mr Keeton - most of us prefer hope over despair and a safe and healthy environment.

Paul Frost

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