LETTER: Dutch Sailor -Can you fill in blanks for Pieter’s family?

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I am a Dutch writer who is looking for relatives of a woman who lived in Dinnington 70 years ago. Her name is Doreen Bloomfield.

Doreen M. Bloomfield was born in 1927. She lived at 8 Meadow Street, Dinnington. She married policeman John Gibson in 1950. In 1952, her son Ian Gibson was born.

Doreen was a pen friend of my uncle Pieter van Westen, a sailor who was killed in action in the Dutch East Indies. In his diary he wrote that he could share his personal feelings with her.

Pieter was killed by a nationalist fighter on the island of Sumatra at the age of 23. What I would like to know is, was Doreen ever informed of his death? What motivated her to write to Pieter? And, does someone still keep Pieter’s letters, with lots of precious information about Pieter’s feelings? One sister and three of Pieter’s brothers are still alive. I would love to give them answers to questions concerning their brother.

Do you know anything about Doreen Bloomfield or about women from Dinnington who wrote to soldiers during the years 1944 until 1947? If so, I am hoping you will get in touch either by email at: info@hetverhalenbureau.nl or by telephone: 31 6 10 95 22 59.

Anne Marie

Hoekstra-van Westen