LETTER: Crackdown on spitting and unruly behaviour needed in Worksop

Christmas shoppers in Worksop town centre
Christmas shoppers in Worksop town centre

I am from Nottingham and visited Worksop town centre recently.

Walking in the retail shopping mall a group of youngsters in their mid-20s were standing around and one of them spat on the ground a very short distance from where I was walking.

There was nobody there in uniform to report this to, and I have written to your local district council.

This sort of anti-social behaviour needs to stop. Certainly in Nottingham city centre they clamp down on this type of behaviour and I do think Worksop needs to do the same.

Perhaps you would alert the public? I tried to report it online via the Bassetlaw District Council website but said website was very clunky to use with no simple email form.

Brian George