LETTER: Canch attack - get vermin off streets so people feel safe

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It was distressing to read of the attack on the woman at The Canch in Worksop, particularly since this was carried out in daylight.

It is no wonder people in our town feel threatened by attacks and threatening behaviour from yobs, drunks and drug addicts.

But I am afraid it is not confined to Worksop.

Last week, my wife and I were in Doncaster town centre and one idiot, completely out of his head on drugs, was threatening passers-by and generally being obnoxious and the woman with him seemed to think it was amusing.

He targeted one man who, quite rightly, ignored him and carried on walking.

Unfortunately, there was no police or community officers in sight.

I know they are illegal, but I am seriously thinking of buying a telescopic baton and pepper spray, because if I or my wife were attacked when we were minding our own business, I am afraid if it were a choice of either us being harmed, or one of these dregs of society going on the floor. It would be them and not me.

A friend of mine was accosted in the Canary Wharf area of London one night by a drugged-up thug who tried to stab him with a used syringe. He used his baton to hit him at the back of the legs and knock him to the ground before he could get close enough to stab him.

Fortunately, the police quickly arrived and arrested the culprit, who was well known to them, and said to my friend: “Off the record, it’s a pity you didn’t kill him.”

I know police resources and funding has been cut back, but they could probably look to putting the resources they have to better use and get this vermin off our streets, so people can feel safe once again.

Drug and alcohol abuse is a matter of choice, not compulsory.

Tony Clayton

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