LETTER: Back in time... utter contempt at the time for footy fans

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On Tuesday, March 6, I watched a television programme on BBC1 entitled ‘Back in Time for Tea’, which was a throwback to what life was like for families in the north of England in the 1980s and 90s.

Part of the programme featured life during the miners’ strike of 1984 to 1985.

Many former miners in this area (or those that have survived to tell the tale) will remember having to survive on strike pay of £15 per week, soup kitchens, the red hot summer and the events at Orgreave (possibly another injustice along with Hillsborough).

Even I could see that there was no way 96 people should attend a football match and never return home.

What the families have had to endure during the intervening years is nothing short of appalling.

Furthermore because of the delays in our ‘great’ legal system it is unfortunately a sad fact that some of those people will not live to see justice.

However back to the television programme....

It concluded with the Bradford fire disaster in May 1985.

What I did not realise until the other evening was the reaction of the press the following day to one of the most distressing events of the modern era.

The editorial in the Sunday Times was nothing short of disgraceful.

It summed up the utter contempt with which people in the area and especially football fans in general were viewed by both the press and the government of the day.

Whoever said life was fair?

H. Genders



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