LETTER: Abbey Grove - what is latest on ambitious plans?

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Just under a year ago, A1 Housing presented a splendid meeting at the Abbey Grove Extra Care accommodation facility detailing the fabulous plans to demolish the old outdated building and, like a phoenix from the ashes, construct an all-singing state-of-the-art facility which could accommodate all the present residents in luxury one and two-bedroom units with access to gyms, libraries, penthouse suites etc, etc, etc.

The planned project time was two years to complete, with residents all being amicably relocated by the end of March 2017 as demolition was to commence in April.

I was sceptical to say the least, due to the fact that over the years we have seen quite a few elderly care facilities close due to alleged failures in the property standards, only to reopen, but now as rented property for whomever requires them.

I’ve just passed Abbey Grove, which, apart from a huge fence surrounding it, appears to be just as it was six months ago, with no signs of any demolition work.

I would be interested in what A1 Housing’s response is as to its delay or Bassetlaw District Council for that matter.

Doctor Frank

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