Leader calls for a licencing review

BASSETLAW Council leader Simon Greaves says he is pleased to be rejoining the Heroin Inquiry ten years on with its fresh focus on alcohol.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 26th December 2012, 9:41 am

Last week the Worksop Guardian published a special report on the alcohol problem in Bassetlaw, spurred on by MP John Mann’s announcement that the 2002 heroin inquiry panel will reconvene in January. And Coun Greaves will be on the panel again.

“I’m pleased to be rejoining the Heroin Inquiry once again. We have had great success turning a corner in the battle against heroin,” he said.

“But I’m concerned that the heroin problem has been replaced with an alcohol problem.”

Coun Greaves has been outspoken in the past about the town’s night time economy and the problems that 24 hour licencing causes in our town, with some clubs and bars open until 5am.

Now he is calling for an urgent review of Bassetlaw Council’s licencing powers, policies and procedures.

“The current licencing laws might work for the cafe bars of Holland and Italy but they don’t work for Bassetlaw,” said Coun Greaves. “A night time economy based upon extended opening hours, serving jugs of strong cocktails where the police are left chaperoning drunks until 5am is a disgrace.”

“No wonder people are choosing to spend their money, evening and leisure time out of town.”

“Meanwhile local taxpayers are left to pick up the cost of increased crime, wasted police resources, and hospital admissions. Not forgetting the heavy price local residents pay in the huge impact upon there own quality of life and damage to property.”

In June this year the Worksop Guardian spoke to residents of Church Walk whose lives were blighted by the drunken behaviour of town centre revellers.

They spoke of noise, fighting, swearing and damage, describing it as ‘a living hell’.

He added: “We need a night time economy that offers more for families.”

“Many local people have voted with their feet already and don’t come into town in an evening at all. For local business this means money going out of the district.”

Bassetlaw Council has had approval from cabinet members to develop a strategy to deal with the ‘night time economy’ in Bassetlaw.

It hopes to tackle the negative effects and support the positive benefits of the night time trade for everyone to enjoy.