Lea resident withdraws his previous support for crematorium plans due to '˜lack of transparency'

David Belton, Knaith Parish Council, Frank Powell and Tony MorphetDavid Belton, Knaith Parish Council, Frank Powell and Tony Morphet
David Belton, Knaith Parish Council, Frank Powell and Tony Morphet
A Lea resident has withdrawn his support for a crematorium to be built in the village after learning other sites were not considered.

Frank Powell initially supported the planning application for a crematorium to be built along the A156 in Lea.

However, even though he still supports the need for a crematorium in the area, he now objects to the location which has been earmarked for the project.

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Frank said: “I still fully agree that we need a crematorium within the locality of Gainsborough, however I have since discovered that there were three sites under consideration.

“The so-called public consulation was actually a presentation whereupon Lea residents were presented with virtually a fait accompli.

“Furthermore, it is my understanding that West Lindsey District Council have paid a £10,000 non-returnable deposit for the Lea crematorium site, which I find quite amazing and not good practice in the use of public money.

Questions also need to be asked as to why, out of the three sites, the council has chosen the most expensive and probably the most dangerous site for vehicular access with no bus stop for mourners that may need to use public transport.”

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Tony Morphet, who is also against the location, said: “Nothing is being done to change the flow of traffic. There will no slip road. It has a 60 mph speed limit and there have been massive objections.

“This is the only straight part of the road so it is where drivers put their foot down, particularly the youngsters.

“There is no objection to the crematorium itself, just the location.”

West Lindsey District Council’s communities and commercial programme manager, said: “The council followed a robust site options appraisal which took into account several sites in and around Gainsborough.

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“These were all assessed in terms of their suitability and deliverability, the optimum site in Lea being taken forward.

“As part of the planning application a full traffic impact assessment has been undertaken to assess the impact of the proposed crematorium.

“The results of this impact assessment have been fed into the current planning application.

“We would urge any residents with concerns to raise these formally through the planning process.”

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In June 2016 the council’s Corporate Policy and Resources Committee considered a business case to develop a crematorium in or around Gainsborough and approved the necessary capital budget to bring this development to fruition.

The council has secured an option to purchase a site in Lea and has engaged with the necessary professional resources in order to draw up concept designs for the crematorium.

To views the plans visit www.west-lindsey.gov.uk.