Launchpad for town’s market

there is a swell of uprising in Worksop akin to that of the Egyption political rebellion.

Be it on our Facebook page, letters to me – see left – or letters to the Guardian, one thing is clear: we are sick and tired of vehicles in Bridge Street / Place.

And now of course the market is being moved from its traditional home to the shopping super-highway that is our ‘pedestrianised’ area.

So, will old folk, the blue badge brigade and downright lazy so-and-sos be able to hare up and down the cobbled streets on market day in Vauxhall Vivas?

Are we still going to see 18-wheeled juggernauts smashing down the flower beds at all hours of the day?

Or is somebody going to be brave enough at Queen’s Buildings to say: ‘you know what, A. A. Grundi was right this week (for once). It’s high time we erected bollards that made this area a no-go zone to all vehicles.’

The argument that it is infringing on the human rights of genuinely disabled folk is a nonsense. If they can drive to town, I’m pretty sure they can ballywell make it the extra 100 yards from the car park.

Also, the notion that billions of pounds would be chased off to other towns because those that currently park on business doorsteps won’t be able to spend their money is piffle. Firstly because there isn’t another town that allows this ancient practice to happen, and secondly because genuinely disabled folk aren’t the problem here.

It’s the layabouts and freeloaders that are the problem, and I for one wouldn’t miss them if they were never to return.

I think having the market stalls up and down Bridge Street is a master stroke. Speak to any local about Worksop market and I can assure you they will tell you we once had the best in the land – forget Mansfield’s, forget even Chesterfield’s – Worksop was the best around.

So there is no reason why it can’t be again.

Banish the cars, build the reputation – launch it properly and they will come.

And when I say launch it properly, I mean with an invite to every member of the market traders association in Britain – the world even.

Forget your shy to the point of embarrassed ‘dummy run’ that was touted by Mark Ladyman – pick a date and go off with a bang by getting it right first time.

Tell you what, I’ll even go up there and spend £20 myself.