Langold: Sneaky intruder entered house through crack of foot-high window


A sneaky intruder entered a house in Worksop through the crack of a foot-high window.

The incident occured in Goldthorpe Close in Langold on the afternoon of Wednesday 30th July.

The would-be burglar appeared to have squeezed through the transom window of the rear ground-floor bathroom enough to then force the lower window.

Detectives think the offender was disturbed by the resident when she returned home at about 6.15pm. Nothing was stolen.

Detective Constable, John Whitworth, said: “It is tempting to leave these smaller windows open, thinking no one would be able to fit through, but don’t forget that a burglar is looking for any opportunity to access your home.”

“In this case the window might have been too small to squeeze through but it was certainly big enough to allow the offender to get the leverage to force the lower window.“

Criminals have even been known to send in children to then let them in through a door.”

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