Langold: Residents’ ‘shock’ at discovery of woman’s body

News from the police
News from the police

The Langold community have expressed their ‘shock’ after the body of a woman was found in the village.

A woman, who is yet to be named, was found dead yesterday morning (Monday, September 5) in the Doncaster Road area.

Nottinghamshire Police are now making enquiries to establish the circumstances of her death.

A Doncaster Road resident who did not wish to be identified said: “I feel very bad for the woman’s family.

“It is very peaceful on this road, we don’t see many things like this.”

A woman who works at a cafe just off to Doncaster road said: “It’s very sad. We heard that a woman had been found dead yesterday.

“I don’t think she could be from around here. It’s a tight knit community and everyone knows everyone. If the lady was from Langold we would probably know.”

A shop assistant who works at One Stop Shop, located near to where the woman was found, said: “There is a lot of shock going round.

“A few of our customers have come in talking about it.

“We don’t know much, except that the woman was found in a car park close to the shop at around 10.30am yesterday morning.”