Labour leader - Coun Alan Rhodes

Coun Alan Rhodes
Coun Alan Rhodes

We are in difficult times and we need to protect our services as we did with the ambulance service in Bassetlaw. This is how Labour will run the County Council. However important improvements are possible. One of these is a 20 mph limit outside all our schools. Labour will make Children’s safety our top priority.

There are over 1,000 young people out of work in Bassetlaw. This is unacceptable and a Labour Council will make jobs and skills a priority.

We opposed the switching off of street lights and it has proved to be a disaster. Labour will keep our street lights on and never offer a green light to burglars.

When the Conservatives took over County Hall in 2009, plans were prepared for the Worksop Bus Station. Four years later not a single brick has been laid. As we did with your new cinema, Labour will not dither. We will build the Bus Station immediately.

As of this month, the County Council has huge new power over NHS services. The Conservative Party wants to privatise NHS services. A Labour Council will never accept this and will not endorse any cuts to Bassetlaw Hospital, ambulances and 999 services.