Kiveton: Outrage sparked as plans to build nearly 500 homes acrossKiveton, Todwick and Harthill emerge

Concerns have been raised over proposals to build almost 500 new homes across the villages of Kiveton, Wales, Harthill and Todwick.

Thursday, 20th November 2014, 11:02 am
A map that shows where the new builds will be developed if approved is available online

If approved the plans, which are currently under consultation by Rotherham Council, would see 370 houses built across Kiveton and Wales and 107 houses built in Harthill and Todwick.

Residents and councillors alike have objected to the new builds, which are mostly scheduled for greenbelt sites when there are many brownfield sites in the area that remain undeveloped.

Michael Brabbage, chairman of Kiveton and Wales Parish Council, said: “While we look forward to welcoming new people to the area, we feel the way this has been organised has been chaotic, and we don’t understand why Rotherham Council are targeting greenbelt sites when they have their pick of brownfield sites that are crying out to be developed.”

Todwick Parish Council have outright objected to the plans, which would involve increasing the quiet village’s population by approximately 14 percent.

A spokesperson for Todwick Parish Council said: “ Todwick does not have the infrastructure and amenities to meet the current demand. For example, our primary school is currently at full capacity.”

“An additional 107 homes would place a potentially devastating burden on the community of Todwick and also the surrounding areas.”

A spokesperson for Harthill Parish Council said: “39 dwellings are planned for land off Winney Hill, which is currently in the green belt.”

“The Parish Council is opposed to this and strongly feels that it is an inappropriate use of green belt land. Recent government statements have declared that development in the green belt should not be approved except in very special circumstances.”

Rotherham Council were not available for comment.

The consultation will run until Monday 24th November. 
Anyone interested in viewing the proposals can do so online at