Kids ‘looking back for a way forward’ - SLIDESHOW

SCHOOLchildren from Harworth swapped texting for tiddlywinks as they turned back time during a day of old-fashioned fun and games.

The pupils got in full swing and even dressed up in Victorian costumes while playing a number of games from yesteryear including hopscotch, spin top, marbles, chess, hula hooping and dominoes among others.

Generation games event at Serlby Park Primary School.  Pictured is Diane Espley with pupil.

Generation games event at Serlby Park Primary School. Pictured is Diane Espley with pupil.

Elderly residents from the village returned to the playground decades after they were last in school to show Year 4 and 5 pupils at Serlby Park Junior School how they used to have fun.

Dozens of pensioners joined the Shrewsbury Road schoolchildren in outdoor and indoor games from a bygone era.

The visitors also brought in photographs of themselves as children so that the pupils could compare them to the sepia-coloured images taken on the day.

The event was the brainchild of Harworth PCSO Colin Haywood and was a Helping Hands Award event, in support of the charity’s encouragement of community engagement for a better society.

He said: “We thought we would run our own form of generation games in a bid to encourage the children to be more social, rather than having their heads in gadgets such as mobile phones, the internet and computer games.”

“It also brings the youngsters and the older residents together on some common ground to hopefully illustrate to them that despite being at each end of the community spectrum, with years between them, they are not so different from each other.”

While primarily an engagement exercise, PCSO Haywood hopes the session, and others like it, may be the answer to reducing antisocial behaviour in the future.

“If we can instil a bit of community spirit in these children now, in five years time, when they are the youths of tomorrow, they will hopefully have more of an understanding and respect for their neighbours, as well as their local police officers.”

“You could say we are looking backwards for a way forward,” he added.

SLIDESHOW: Click the play button to view a slideshow of pictures taken at the event.