KFC plans for fast food drive-thru

FAST FOOD fans may soon be spoilt for choice after chicken chain KFC put plans in for a new restaurant in Gainsborough.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 26th August 2012, 1:30 pm

Kentucky Fried Chicken wants to build a drive-thru restaurant on the site of the old Gainsborough Magistrates’ Court, on Roseway in the town.

And a planning application has this week been submitted to West Lindsey District Council.

If approved, the big name food brand would follow in the footsteps of McDonalds, which opened its drive-thru restaurant on Beaumont Street in May.

Business has been booming for the burger chain, recording record sales on its launch day.

A spokesperson for the KFC franchisee told The Standard: “We can confirm that we have applied for planning permission for a KFC drive-thru at the site in Roseway.”

“While we don’t have any timings as yet, if successful we’ll be creating up to 40 jobs in the local community and we hope to welcome local residents by mid-2013.”

Back in March, the rumour mill was turning after KFC declared an interest in coming to Gainsborough.

A spokesman suggested the restaurant would be a positive addition to the community. “As one of the UK’s favourite restaurants we’re always looking for new locations and we’d love to open a new restaurant in Gainsborough,” they said.

People in the town have welcomed news that the company has submitted its plans.

And judging by the success of McDonald’s, a new restaurant could do a roaring trade.

“I would really like to see a KFC in Gainsborough,” said Francesca Taylor, 18.

“I’ve been going to the new McDonald’s quite a lot. It might bring more people into the town centre if a KFC was there.”

Kyle Coombs, 22, works as a delivery driver for Chicken Express on Church Street, which would be in direct competition with KFC.

He said: “I don’t think anyone worried about McDonald’s coming, so I don’t think they’ll be bothered about KFC.”

Angela Roddham lives in the Uphills area of Gainsborough, and has eaten at McDonald’s regularly since it opened.

“A KFC would be a good thing for the town,” she said.

“It might bring more big name brands in that are more affordable to your everyday person, not like Laura Ashley and Browns which are too expensive.”

“Either way they need to do something with the court building as it’s a mess.”

“It would have been better kept as a court, but I suppose a KFC will do instead.”

Since it closed in April 2008 the old Gainsborough Magistrates’ Court has been a blight on Roseway, its rundown precincts attracting vandals and gangs of youths at night.

Mr Hyla Colley, 77, from Maltby, said he thought people would be pleased to see another big name in the town.

“I just come here for the market and it has dwindled over the years,” he said.

“Shops are shutting everywhere, so it’s good to inject some life back in and give people more reasons to come and spend their money in Gainsborough.”

“The more trade that can be brought into town the better.”

“Other businesses should be pleased of the competition - you can’t beat an open market.”

“If the food is good and the price is right, people will still use their independent restaurants.”