Kevin is saying goodbye to Mercer's Wood Academy after 20 years

After more than 20 years Kevin Coldron will be retiring from his role as Caretaker at Mercer's Wood Academy at the end of May.

Wednesday, 26th April 2017, 3:57 pm
Updated Tuesday, 9th May 2017, 7:09 pm
Kevin Coldron

Kevin, 59, is is a well-respected member of the school team, by staff, parents and the children.

His days include opening up the school ready for everyone to arrive, making sure the school is secure, the grounds are tidy, fixing equipment, making repairs and carrying out requests by staff for furniture being moved and fitted.

Kevin often likes to take time to spend with the children of the school too and he will play football with the other children and can often be seen taking part in the football after-school club.

Keving applied for his role after he was made redundant and wanted something where he could use his skills.

He said: “I remember visiting the school for the first time at my interview and knowing I could make a difference to the building.

“I had always fancied the job of caretaker. I enjoy the variety of the role, you never know what will need doing next or what to expect each day.”

Kevin says his biggest challenge in his role is keeping the school site running smoothly and the reward is when no one complains.

He said: “That’s how I know I am doing a good job.”

Kevin says his biggest achievement was when his work was noted in an Ofsted report.

He said: “The school still retains its original parquet flooring and maintaining it takes some doing. During the school’s Ofsted Inspection in September 2014 the Inspectors commented on the the shiny floors.

“It was even noted in the Inspection Report.”

Kevin is married with two daughtes, and two granddaughters.

He said: “They are aged two and three and keep me and my wife very busy.”

Kevin was born in Lincoln. His mother came from Gainsborough and his father from Lincoln.

Kevin said: “Just after I was born my father joined the RAF as a nurse. I started school in Germany and my youngest sister was born there. After a short period back in England and spending time at North County School, now Mercer’s Wood, we moved to Cyprus where I had a great childhood.

“I attended school in Branston and finished school at Middlefield Lane Secondary.

“After that I went to Gainsborough Tech and became an apprentice woodwork machinist/ joiner and went to work in the joinery industry.”

Kevin married in 1979 and went to work at Harworth Colliery as a coal miner.

He said: “I stayed there for 13 years until my redundancy and then I joined the staff at what was North County School before it became Mercer’s Wood Academy.”

Looking to his future Kevin hopes to be able to spend more time with his family and travel.

Kevin said: “I love travelling and seeing not only other countries but the UK as well.

“My biggest interest is Military and industrial history and I enjoy reading about both. One of my favourite moments was helping the staff find out about the history of the school when it was the 100th anniversary of it being opened.”

Rachel Ward, Executive Business Manager, said: “It has been a pleasure and a privilege working with Kevin over recent years.

“He is a true gentleman who will help anyone with anything.

“ When you ask if him if he is okay, his standard reply will be ‘I am always okay me’, and he always is.

“Nothing phases him, apart from if somebody dares to scratch his beloved floors.

“I wish Kevin and his family a very long and happy retirement. I will miss him.”

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