Keep your home safe

WITH warmer expected over the extended bank holidays, Notts Police are reminding people to keep their homes safe from burglars.

One in three burglaries take place when thieves simply ‘walk in’ through unlocked doors or reach in to steal items through open windows.

Crime reduction manager Darren Surgey said there is often an increase in burglaries during the warmer weather.

“With extended time off work due to bank holidays people are more likely to be spending time outside, which can increase the risk of leaving doors unlocked and windows open,” he said.

“It only takes a second for a burglar to walk in through an open door and steal goods.”

He added: “We would like to remind people that thieves are often opportunists who may try a door to see if they can get inside.”

“Lock your doors whether you are inside or not, and don’t leave anything valuable on view within reach of an open window.”

Home-owners can take extra precautions by using a timer switch to make lights come on at night, ask for proof of identity before letting anyone into their property and to always set the burglar alarm.

They are also advised to register items at or to consider joining a local Neighbourhood watch scheme.

Anyone with any information about those responsible for committing burglaries is asked to contact Notts Police on 0300 300 999 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.