John Mann MP says Theresa May called snap election in order to '˜overturn Brexit result'

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has accused Prime Minister Theresa May of calling a snap election in order to obtain a mandate that could overturn the Brexit result.
John Mann MP.John Mann MP.
John Mann MP.

The Labour MP made the controversial claim during an interview on BBC Radio Five Live today as the Prime Minister announced an early general election would take place on June 8.

Mr Mann, a Leave supporter, slammed the snap election as a way for the Prime Minister to “potentially overturn” the UK’s decision to leave the European Union.

He said: “Theresa May voted for the UK to stay in the EU last year. She has called an election to give herself a new Brexit mandate – leaving her able to carry it out as she likes.

“What Theresa May is trying to do is give herself the flexibility to potentially overturn the Brexit vote.

“She has spent the past six months insisting, repetitively, that there will not be a snap election- that it wouldn’t be the best thing for the country.

“But now that is riding high in the polls, she has called one.”

Mr Mann also confirmed that he would be standing as Labour candidate for the district, adding that residents should expect “a rollercoaster election”.

“Anyone wanting to experience the highs and lows should come and join me in Bassetlaw. We are friendly hosts,” said Mr Mann.