John Mann MP pledges support to re-elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn

John Mann MP.
John Mann MP.

Bassetlaw MP John Mann says he supports re-elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and will “respond postitively” if asked to play a major role in the party.

But the Labour MP says his “priority” lies with saving under-threat services in the district from further cuts, such as Bassetlaw Hospital.

He told the Guardian: “Bassetlaw Labour Party unanimously agreed a proposal two months ago to support whoever is elected to lead the Labour Party and as we always have we will continue to do so.

“For us the big issues are how do we defend our area against unnecessary cuts and in particular how do we keep our hospital safe and how do we attract jobs and higher pay to the area.

“If Jeremy asks me to play a major role of course I will respond positively, but my priority is to ensure that Bassetlaw and its people continue to thrive and I particularly see the long anticipated improvement in local sports facilities and the attracting of new investment to the area as my other big priorities.

“Our hospital is again under threat and I will need to allocate a lot of time to keeping it fully open.”