JAILED: Worksop yob caged for breaching anti-social behaviour injunction

Vincent Dyer
Vincent Dyer

A Worksop man who threatened his former partner with physical violence has been jailed for 28-days after breaching the conditions of his anti-social behaviour injunction (ASBI).

A1 Housing and Bassetlaw District Council applied to Mansfield County Court for an injunction against Vincent Dyer following reports from tenants who had been disturbed by fights and arguments between Dyer and his ex-partner, who also supported the application to prevent Dyer visiting her property.

Following the ASBI application, on September 24 at Mansfield County Court, Deputy District Judge Elmer granted a 12-month injunction which prevented Dyer from visiting an area of Worksop which includes Monmouth Road, Ravenscourt, Prospect Precinct or Wingfield Avenue.

However, Dyer breached this injunction on Sunday, October 18 after he had visited his former partner, which was reported to police by residents who were aware of the ASBI.

Dyer appeared before District Judge Wall at Mansfield County Court on Monday, where Dyer’s solicitor informed the court that the defendant accepted he had been served with the ASBI and he knew he should not have been at his ex-partner’s address.

A1 Housing managing director, Don Spittlehouse, said: “A1 Housing will not tolerate anti-social behaviour of any kind in its communities, especially when it includes domestic abuse.

“On this occasion, Dyer clearly and deliberately breached the conditions set out in his ASBI and has rightfully been sent to prison. I hope that on his release he abides to the restrictions in place.”

Dyer was sentenced to 28-days imprisonment and was warned further breaches of the injunction would only lead to longer periods in custody, the maximum sentence being two years.

Following Dyer’s release, the anti-social behaviour injunction will remain in force until midnight on September 24 2016.

This injunction prevents Dyer from entering or remaining in an exclusion zone, which includes accommodation on Monmouth Road, Ravenscourt, Prospect Precinct or Wingfield Avenue, and engaging in conduct which is capable of causing a nuisance or annoyance to any person.

Should Dyer breach this injunction again, residents are advised to inform the police.