'˜It's time to speak out'- Nurse takes stand against rogue botox traders in Worksop

A concerned nurse is taking a stand against 'rogue botox traders' in Worksop who she says are putting unsuspecting clients at risk of blindness, gangrene and other health complications.
Cheryl Barton is pictured.Cheryl Barton is pictured.
Cheryl Barton is pictured.

Cheryl Barton says it’s time to “speak out” on the issue after the National Aesthetic Nursing Conference unanimously voted that they have no confidence in non-health groups, such as beauticians, giving facial injections to the public.

Cheryl, a registered nurse and botox practitioner at Aesthetika clinic in North Anston, says you only have to walk down Worksop high street to see “botox being advertised illegally”.

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“I am appalled by the number of people who come to me needing corrections after botched cosmetic treatments,” she said.

“And these cases are on the rise. Botox prescriptions are being peddled for cash, not just in Worksop but up and down the country.

“Of course the public have a choice- but we are asking them to really think about who is picking up that needle.

“We are asking that you make sure it is someone who will be able to advise you on your options and the risks. “Blindness and gangrene are just some of the complications that are rare but do occur.

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“The difference is that registered nurses and doctors have a duty of care.

“They can provide the necessary aftercare, are regulated by a governing body and fully aware of any complications that can arise.

“Non-health groups, such as beauticians and hairdressers, are not.

“Anyone can come away from a day course claiming that they are qualified to administer botox. It’s scary, really.”

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When asked how to spot a rogue practitioner, Cheryl said you only have to look to the streets or social media sites.

“The fact is that it is completely illegal to advertise botox anywhere, but you’ll often find it advertised on the high street and on Facebook or Twitter, regardless.

“If someone is advertising illegally, they could be doing anything behind closed doors.

“Aesthetic nurses are not trying to put anyone out of business or being elitist by raising awareness of this issue and asking for stricter vigilance.

“We are doing this in the interests of public health.”

You can check if a botox practitioner is a registered doctor or nurse at http://www.gmc-uk.org.