Is nightclub a good idea?

I SEE there are plans afoot for a new nightclub for Worksop.

This comes just a few months after the Guardian ran stories about drunken revellers running amok in the early hours, brawling, making a racket, and using local residents’ front gardens as public lavatories.

I feel for the residents of Allen Street, just a stones throw from where this new nightclub will be situated.

Hasn’t Worksop got enough late bars already?

If you’ve ever ventured into town first thing on a Saturday or Sunday morning you’ll know all about the gross after affects of the previous night’s boozing.

It’s not a pleasant experience. The smell of vomit hangs heavy in the still morning air. The town centre streets are littered with empty fast food cartons and the greasy remnants of half-eaten kebabs.

More often than not a shop window or two have been put through.

Opening another nightclub will , in my mind, just encourage this kind of shocking behaviour.

When I was young, everywhere shut at 10pm, and that was alright with us. How times have changed.