Inquest into road death of B2 patient

An inquest has begun into the death of a Worksop man who died after he was hit by a car near Bassetlaw Hospital in 2011.

Sunday, 2nd June 2013, 9:30 am
WORKSOP. Bassetlaw Hospital, Blyth Road. Updated picture of the hospital

Trevor Sprigg, who had long-standing mental health problems, had threatened to commit suicide ‘by throwing himself under a train’ before leaving B2 ward on the evening of Friday 26th August.

But just moments later the 50-year-old was hit by a Vauxhall Vectra on Blyth Road and later died from extensive injuries at Bassetlaw Hospital.

Nottingham Coroners’ Court heard on Wednesday how local resident David Harris-McQuarrie recalled the moment the tragic accident happened.

“I had just finished a shift at work and was driving on Blyth Road coming from the direction of Carlton Road when I noticed a dark shadow ahead,” he said.

“I was about three feet away from him when he appeared to dive towards the car with his arms out. I heard the thud and I immediately knew I had struck the person.”

Nottinghamshire coroner Mairin Casey heard how Mr Sprigg had previously been diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease which affects the brain and causes problems with movements, personality changes and mood swings.

Mr Sprigg had been a patient at the Stepping Stones Rehabilitation Unit which aims to give patients suffering with mental health illnesses the means to lead a more indpendent life.

The court heard how Mr Sprigg had had frequent suicidal thoughts but when he expressed plans to take his own life on two separate occasions on 26th and 27th July 2011, he was sectioned and admitted to B2 ward at Bassetlaw Hospital .

Stepping Stones nurse Charlotte Dalley said: “He had taken overdoses in the past and when he was under a lot of stress he would express a lot more suicidal thoughts.”

The hearing continues.