INEOS confirms plans for shale gas survey across Nottinghamshire

An artist's impression of the Tinker Lane site in operation.An artist's impression of the Tinker Lane site in operation.
An artist's impression of the Tinker Lane site in operation.
Nottinghamshire County Council has received formal notification from INEOS that it intends to undertake a shale gas survey across parts the country for six months, commencing in early June.

The company has submitted details about the areas to be surveyed, which extend into Derbyshire and Rotherham, and how the survey will be undertaken. The survey area covers approximately 250 square kilometres.

Subject to certain restrictions and giving prior notification to the County Council, planning permission is not required for the survey as Government planning rules state that it is “permitted development”.

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The survey will help INEOS to gain a better understanding of the geology and rock formations below the ground to understand where shale gas might be located.

No hydraulic fracturing, also known as fracking, would be undertaken as part of the survey, say the company.

Sally Gill, planning manager for Nottinghamshire County Council said: “Subject to certain restrictions, INEOS is allowed to undertake the seismic survey without planning permission in line with national planning rules.

“However, any further development, including test drilling to explore for shale gas below ground, will require full planning permission.

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“The County Council welcomes the decision by the company to avoid undertaking any surveying within the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve and other areas of special environmental interest.”


NEOS has confirmed to the County Council that no seismic surveying will be undertaken within the following areas:

The Sherwood National Nature Reserve, including the Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve.

Special Areas of Conservation

Sites of Special Scientific Interest including Thoresby Lake, Welbeck Lake, Hills and Holes and Sookholme Brook, Warsop

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In addition, no surveying will be undertaken within any scheduled monuments in Nottinghamshire and a 50 metre boundary zone will be in place to safeguard these protected areas from any nearby ground survey.

Subject to the signing of legal agreements, Nottinghamshire County Council has approved two exploratory shale gas well sites on land off the A634 between Barnby Moor and Blyth (Tinker Lane, Dart Energy site) and at Springs Road, Misson in Bassetlaw (Island Gas).

To date, Nottinghamshire County Council has received no planning applications for hydraulic fracturing in the county.

View the INEOS Environmental Statement and letter to Nottinghamshire County Council on the website: