‘I don’t know how I can cope anymore’

Dystonia sufferer Tracy Scurr, 38
Dystonia sufferer Tracy Scurr, 38

A WORKSOP mother who suffers from excruciating muscle spasms which leave her immobile for hours a day has made a cry for help for more support and understanding from health authorities.

Tracy Scurr, 38, of Kilton Road, said she is at her wits end and struggling to cope with her dystonia - a debilitating neurological disorder causing sustained and involuntary muscle contractions.

Dystonia sufferer Tracy Scurr, 38 pictured at her Worksop home (w110411-5)

Dystonia sufferer Tracy Scurr, 38 pictured at her Worksop home (w110411-5)

“I just feel like I am being ignored by the medical authorities - someone is failing in their duty of care,” she said.

“My surgery has even said I can’t go there to collect my prescription in case I upset other patients. I believe that is taking away my human rights.”

Tracy, who has an 11-year old daughter Jasmine, developed dystonia at the age of 14 but wasn’t officially diagnosed with the disorder until she was 23.

She has recently had a series of Botox injections which have helped to limit her attacks but said the treatment is now starting to wear off.

“I fall to the floor and start thrashing everywhere, which is really dangerous,” she said.

“The cramps are so painful and recently they lasted for 17 hours - I was just stuck in this position.”

Dr William Delaney, managing partner at Newgate Surgery, said staff had done their utmost to help Tracy.

“She has had a number of attacks

in the surgery and and it’s a health and safety issue with over 1,000 patients coming in every day,” he said.

“We actually deliver Tracy’s medication to her as she needs it, so she is in a more advantageous position than other patients.”

“We have also arranged for her to have Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, as recommended by her consultant, which will help her to identify the triggers.”