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On Monday evening I attended a Candle Lit vigil organised by the Worksop Royal British Legion in the Old Market Square to mark the date Britain entered the First World War.

Around 150 people came to pay their respects and quietly contemplate the tremendous sacrifice and unbelievable heroism of the young men from Bassetlaw and across Britain and the Commonwealth who lay down their lives. From a personal perspective, I found this incredibly humbling but also hard to comprehend, that so much life, future and promise could end with so much death, destruction and carnage. For their sacrifice they have our eternal thanks.

In 1928 the Memorial Gardens were opened to commemorate those from Worksop who were killed in the First World War and I think it is incredibly fitting, that now as part of the Canch, the park has received its First Green Flag Award. Green open spaces, with zones for active play or areas for quiet enjoyment have a real impact on people’s quality of life and I am delighted that the park has received national recognition.

Over the next few weeks Bassetlaw residents will be receiving a letter from the Council’s elections team about changes to the way people are registered to vote. Now, each individual will be responsible for registering themselves. The letter will tell you if you have been registered automatically under the new system. If you receive a letter saying you have been automatically registered you do not need to do anything. A small number of people will receive a letter saying that they have not been automatically registered under the new system. The letter will explain exactly what you need to do.