Hopsice cash is sealed with a kiss by Max and Georgia

Christine Holland with grandchildren Georgia and Max
Christine Holland with grandchildren Georgia and Max

Adorable four-year-old Max Kay loves showering his family with hugs and kisses.

And big sister Georgia decided his affectionate ways could be put to good use when their grandfather passed away.

She cheered everyone up and raised money for Rotherham Hospice at the same time by selling Max’s kisses for £1 a time at grandad Eric Holland’s funeral.

The entrepreneurial 10-year-old persuaded her little brother to plant kisses on the cheeks of friends and family gathered at Eric’s wake.

Daughter Rachael Kay, said: “Dad would have been so proud of them, they brought a little bit of a light to the sadness of the day.”

“It was all Georgia’s idea, we call her the next Karen Brady.

“We did a car boot sale last year and she decided to buy things from other people’s stores to sell at a profit on ours.”

The children’s grandmother Christine Holland added: “No-one can resist a kiss from Max, so they raised a good sum.

“It’s going to the hospice to support its Home Community Team.

“They were always there to help us, particularly in the last few weeks of Eric’s life, and we can’t thank them enough.”