Honeywell talk fire safety at CPD session

Expert advice on early stage smoke detection was on the agenda at the latest Continuing Professional Development (CPD) session from the West Lindsey District Council's Building Control Team.

Presented by Kevin Dennis from Honeywell, the session gave delegates the opportunity to discover more about the systems involved in early stage smoke detection, how they work and where they can be most useful.

Kevin said: “This method of early smoke detection has been around for 25 years, but not everybody understands how it works and how useful it can be in environments where it is difficult to use traditional smoke detection methods.”

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Trevor Durant, Senior Building Control Surveyor at West Lindsey, added: “It was a pleasure to host the CPD session by Honeywell and add them to our compliment of sessions we are running throughout the year.

“Fire detection is a popular subject and it was great to see a good turnout. 

“We have been running a monthly CPD session for the last couple of years and delegates are keen to tell us what they want from them to improve their knowledge and skills within the construction industry. 

“West Lindsey prides itself on offering a range of services in addition to the traditional building control service, and we feel the CPD adds value for our clients.

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“We are now offering structural calculations and Air Testing will be available shortly.”

The next CPD session will cover resins and post-installed anchors used in construction on Thursday, July 28.

The Building Control team delivers an efficient, cost effective service including free pre-application advice, plan checking service and site inspections.

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