Hodthorpe dad took on police

A BOOZY Hodthorpe dad ended up in court after a witness told police he was behaving aggressively with a knife.

Monday, 7th May 2012, 2:43 pm

Officers located Ian Sloan near Queens Road in the village after receiving the call at 7.30pm on Sunday 28th April.

Helen Griffiths, prosecuting, told Chesterfield magistrates that he appeared to be the worse for drink and agitated and he took up a fighting stance. An officer warned Sloan to stand back and aimed a CS gas device at his face but he replied with abuse, saying police could not prove anything.

“He put his hand in his pocket, shouting: ‘Come on then’. The officer feared he may have a knife and sprayed him with CS gas. He was then handcuffed and placed inside a police van,” said Mrs Griffiths.

“In his pocket was a cigarette packet containing cannabis worth £5.”

Sloan, 38 told police he was angry because a former partner had come to his address. He stormed off and drank six cans of strong lager and felt slightly drunk. He stated that he should have left the cannabis at home.

Sloan, of King Street, Hodthorpe, appeared in court in police custody and admitted using threatening behaviour and possessing cannabis.

The bench imposed fines totalling £161, with £85 costs and ordered that the cannabis be destroyed.

Bob Bashforth, for Sloan, said there had been an acrimonious breakdown of a relationship from which he had a child, and his former partner was prohibited from contacting him.