Highways - there seems to be no idea about efficiency

We are constantly reminded in your newspaper, of the need for cutbacks by the county council, due to a decrease in Government funding.

Might I suggest that the council takes a look at its efficiency, or lack of it, in carrying out new road projects. One stand-out example is the installation of traffic lights at the crossroads in Oldcotes. A notice went up saying this operation would take seven weeks - why?

I have been told, on good authority by someone connected with the project, that this job could have been completed in three weeks maximum and going through the temporary lights eight times per day, five days a week, I can see the time wasted.

We never see any action until 8am or after 3.30pm. There are hours when very little seems to be happening with people sitting in cabs of trucks JCBs etc, leaning on shovels or just talking. The inconvenience to traffic is horrendous and when they move cones around they leave very little space for large vehicles, i.e trucks and buses, to get round the corners.

The temporary traffic lights are managed by a separate traffic management company so they won’t be in a hurry for the job to be completed as they are paid to be there.

The second major project is on Gateford Road which will not be completed until autumn.

I can understand the logic of installing traffic lights at the end of Raymoth Lane but what is all the footpath widening all about?

I cannot see that it will make getting out of Ashes Park or Kingfisher Walk any easier or safer.

Thirdly, during the ‘anti fracking’ protest on the road between Blyth and Barnby Moor, 30mph speed limit signs were erected, which very few people took any notice of. Why?

People are allowed to protest, not to obstruct, and delay people going about their daily business and working, which the protester obviously didn’t do.

They left the site more than a week ago but the speed limit signs have still not been removed.

I have never worked in the ‘public sector’ but to me they don’t seem to have any idea about efficiency, time management, creating the least inconvenience to the public or anything that keeps the wheels of industry turning.

It may be time to look at getting someone else in to run the highways department, someone who understands costings and value for money.

Tony Clayton

By email

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