Heroin addict dragged from courtroom after being jailed

NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.
NEWS from Nottingham Crown Court.

A Worksop heroin addict had to be dragged from a courtroom after being jailed for 14 days.

Mansfield Magistrates Court imposed the sentence after being told how Nicola Smith, 32, of Sandhill Street, Worksop, had repeatedly breached community orders.

Smith, who admitted breaching a supervision order, broke down in tears and begged not to be taken into custody when Mansfield magistrates told her enough was enough.

The court heard how Smith had missed three supervision appointments this year after being released from prison.

Andrew Osborne, defending, told the court how she had initially complied well with her appointments.

He said: “The resumption of a relationship with her former partner led to Miss Smith using illicit drugs.”

The court was told how Smith had missed one of her appointments when she accompanied her partner to his place of work in York.

“She found herself in difficulties complying with the order and it broke down,” said Mr Osborne.

“She was told she would be going to court and in her mind this meant all her appointments had been suspended and she would just wait until her court appearance.”

Mr Osborne said Smith had been arrested in Worksop on a warrant and had recently parted company with her partner.

He told the court how she had stopped using heroin and had been reducing the dosage of her methadone prescription.

He added: “She has been looking for work, making enquiries with cleaning companies and is trying to raise the bond for her own accommodation.

“I would ask that she did not go into custody - after a period of time in custody she will not be motivated to address her issues and engage with the probation service.

“A short period in custody would push her back in terms of her rehabilitation.”

Sentencing Smith, a magistrate told her: “You have a poor record of compliance and have breached community orders on ten occasions.

“You have also failed to surrender to custody on ten occasions.”