Helping with mental health

More than 500 Notts residents have been referred to a 12 week intensive mental health support programme since its launch in July 2011 to improve their quality of life.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 11th May 2013, 9:38 am
Guardian News
Guardian News

The Notts County Council programme gives people direct support with day-to-day activities after a period of illness or loss in confidence to enable to them to become more independent.

The programme can include organising social activities to reduce isolation, assisting people to venture out to local shops so they feel part of the community and assisting with financial or housing problems. In the Bassetlaw and Newark area, 163 people have accessed the service.

Around 60 percent of people who have undergone the programme have required no further support and only 11 per cent needed on-going longer term services. It is estimated that the programme has saved the council £400,000 a year in long-term care support costs.

Jon Wilson, service director for personal care and support with younger adults at the council, said: “Many people who have had a mental health illness or loss in their life feel very isolated and their lives can spiral out of control if they are not given the right support. This intensive programme helps to develop people’s social skills to give them greater independence and reduces the need for long-term care.”