Help us wipe out cannabis production

Worksop South-East Beat Team (w120322-9)
Worksop South-East Beat Team (w120322-9)

How good are your observation skills? Do you have a nose for detecting crime?

If you have ever been to the National History Museum in London you may have seen the activity in the Human Biology section where you are asked to watch a clip of a robbery and then answer some questions about it. What colour was the offender’s hair? What kind of knife was he carrying?

It’s true that some people naturally have better memories than others but I believe that the brain is like a muscle and the more you ‘exercise’ it the fitter it gets.

This week I am asking you to test those memories and observation skills as we support a Crimestoppers campaign against cannabis production.

The crime-fighting charity is circulating thousands of ‘scratch and sniff’ cards to residents in a bid to educate people on the distinctive smell of the Class B drug.

Along with the ‘sniff’ panel, the cards will also feature guidance on the other tell tale signs of cannabis cultivation so that you are better equipped to identify a neighbour who might be growing cannabis in their house.

In recent years we have found offenders are splitting their ‘factories’ across a number of smaller residential premises. So it is relevant that you keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about.

To report a cannabis grow call police on 101. Or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.