Help AJ raise much needed funds for the MS treatment she needs

A Gainsborough woman with multiple sclerosis is aiming to raise £45,000 so she can get the revolutionary treatment she needs overseas.

Tuesday, 1st March 2016, 3:38 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st March 2016, 3:41 pm
AJ Etty

AJ Etty, aged 40, who is a mother of two, was first diagnosed with MS in 1999 - but in 2013 the condition started to severely impact on her every day life.

AJ has now had to give up her job as a sales manager and has a carer for 22 hours a week.

AJ lived in Gainsborough but has had to move closer to Lincoln to be near her mum who helps care for AJ and her two children, Tolly, 14, and Taia, seven.

AJ said: “I now rely on a wheelchair for most ventures outside of the house, or crutches for short distances.

“I get so incredibly tired to the point that I can’t cut up my food or make a cup of tea.”

AJ says she needs to raise £45,000 so she can get treatment which is currently only on trial in England.

The treatment involves a stem cell transplant where stem cells are removed from the blood and frozen, then after an aggressive bout of chemotherapy, to ensure any remaining cells are killed, the stem cells are defrosted and reintroduced into the blood stream.

AJ has applied to have the treatment in Russia but has been accepted in Mexico - though they have approximately a one year waiting list.

She said: “I am also raising money for additional costs such as flights, hotels, carers costs and potential treatment should there be any complications.

“MS is a progressive disease and by its very nature means that over time you get progressively worse.

“This treatment has a very high success rate in halting the disease’s progression.

“While not 100 per cent it is something that I have to try for the sake of my family.

“It gives hope.”

To help her raise the much needed funds AJ’s friends have arranged a series of events including a pamper party on Saturday, April 16, in Beckingham, which has so far helped raise more than £450 in ticket sales, and a sponsored dog walk and there will be more arranged in the future.

AJ’s friend, Jackie Leach, is aiming to raise awareness of the help AJ needs.

Jackie said: “AJ’s youngest daughter has been best friends with my daughter since play school so there’s no way I’m stopping raising funds until the full amount is raised.

“I’m not having her daughters facing a life being carers for their mum, not on my watch.”

To support AJ’s appeal and to make a donation visit the website