Helen needs to raise £100,000 for life saving cancer treatment

A Gainsborough mother of two is hoping to raise £100,000 so she can travel to Germany for life saving cancer treatment.

Friday, 10th March 2017, 3:38 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:05 am
Helen Robinson, centre, with her children Scott and Katie

Helen Robinson, 44, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in March 2015.

Since then Helen has had to undergo both radiotherapy and chemotherapy as well as a liver re-section where she had to have 50 per cent of her liver removed.

Last July Helen started Phase 1 of the Vaper Immunotherapy Clinical Trial at Guy’s Hospital in London.

But now there is no more treatment available to Helen in the UK which will offer her a complete cure.

Her only option is travelling to Germany and taking part in a clinical trial that could improve her quality of life and she is trying to raise the money she needs to get there.

Helen said: “I am quite a private person but sometimes you have got to do these things to get the help and money I need to get to Germany. I’m running out of time.

“There’s no other option. I have lived in Gainsborough all my life and I’m quite well known in the town as I have always played for sports teams.

“But we have got to the point where we need support from further afield.

“I’m on another trial at the minute but if this doesn’t work the trial in Germany is my only chance I’ve got of a complete cure.

“It’s quite scary but I’ve got to try and get on.

“There’s no point in dwelling on it.”

Helen has always been a very sporty person and is still trying to keep as active as possible.

She said: “I can’t run anywhere near as I used to but I still take the dogs out and go for little jogs when I feel up it.

“I think if you keep yourself active that helps keep you positive as well mentally.

“I try and get up and do everything as near as normal as I can do.”

Philip Kitchen, Helen’s best friend, has set up a Crowdfunding page on her behalf to help raise money for treatment and to make a donation visit www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/philip-kitchen.

Philip said: “The treatment available at the Hallwang Clinic in Germany is potentially a complete cure as testified by many British patients who have been cured despite having Stage 4 cancer.

“Helen now wishes to undertake this immunotherapy treatment in Germany and we sincerely hope that all her friends, family and any well-wishers could donate towards the cost of this treatment.”

All donations are most gratefully received by Helen and her family, including her son Scott, 21, and daughter, Katie, 19.